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Working a summer job in New York City as a part of a demolition crew, three friends were assigned to an old building on South Fifth Street. Maybe it was the fact that it was three of them in number, or that the address of the building was divisible by three, or that it was the third of December, it seemed that their fate had written for them to cross paths with the remains of the laboratory of one of the most brilliant men that ever lived. His quirky obsession with the number three was left behind even years after his death. As they were clearing out the rubble from the basement of the demolished building, they came across a strange locked chest that had no lock or key, but was surrounded by coils of some sort. One of the friends spoke out, saying that the coils were Tesla coils like the ones he had seen in his advanced physics text book.

Nearing the end of the day, with no supervisor on the job, their inquisitive sides got the best of them, and led them to take the chest back to their hotel room. All they needed to do was to create some static electricity by rubbing their feet on the carpet and voila! They set their eyes upon the leather bound notebooks that had a signature emblazoned across the front:

Realizing that they had come across a historical artifact, they contacted the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. For their findings, the museum gave them a large sum of money. Months had passed, and time had come for them to return home to Toronto after their time in New York City. While packing, they found what seemed like an old parchment, once again emblazoned with the recognizable signature on the notebooks.

It’s a machine of some sort, one of them remarked. The other jumped in and read the title on the paper “Ideja Mašina.” A quick google search showed them that it was Serbian for “Idea Machine.” Taking the blueprints back to Toronto, they used their new found fortunes to create a working version of the machine, and never looked back since. This machine was kept as a secret between three, until they felt that the world was ready. December 1st, 2010 was decided as the date that they would unveil this creation to the world. During their test runs, they would input the smallest seedling of an idea that they had, and the machine would provide with them with a completed product. IdentifyBDA is proud to present you the “Idea Machine,” to prevent you from wasting away all your great ideas.

With IdentifyBDA, All you need is an idea, and the Idea Machine will do the rest!

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